Thursday, October 9, 2014

take the money and run?

Once upon a time- a long time ago, I worked for a company that tried to earn some extra money by  moving  their excess cash around before paying their bills.  
So, the thought occured to me, that maybe some companies, try to shore up their share price by buying a large number of their own shares, you know,  to stop  day traders from mucking up the share price.. 

I don't know if that actually happens, but with so much volatility in the market, and having worked as an external auditor of systems, I  sort of get that feeling...
I didn't want to, but I sold off some stuff today. 

you know that feeling of reluctance. It's so hard to call it quits and give up on what you thought might prove a winner... 
I owned some  Sirrius once (ASX:SIR) and sold off too early... 
and now I regret it.

But maybe it's better to take your money and run, and live to invest another day...

Who knows?

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