Saturday, October 27, 2007

todays tips.. 26.7.07

Hi there, I have to say CVI Cityview - is worth watching. We bought in at .20 cents on the 10th October 07 and they are now 30c..
the problem with only buying $500.00 worth is that you miss out on volume.. We invested 615.00 - such small biccies I know. but my father used to say that, "little fish are sweet".
I'd have to add - "especially when you have no fish at all". Pity we didn't invest more. Not too late though, still cheap at .30cents.

RAU is another Tungsten miner and rising. Bought in at .078 and now 0.088

RMA is another. We bought this on 25.9.07 two weeks after seeing an interview on Auntie. Then it was 0.15.
It had a trading halt but we eventually bought at .023 cents. Its rising gradually.
We think they have a future. but of course others disagree.

Rams- up and down.. still a good buy at 32cents. We still think this will prove us right in the long run. Westpac are pretty well assured of taking over, and we all know that bankers always make money. It'll be a long three years. lets see.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

todays tip

RAU is going well. We bought in at only 8cents.
they mine for tungsten.. like Hawk resources. HFC
both on the up.
HFC a bit slow today, but what the heck,
they have steadily risen from 20c in august, to 49cents.

Just another of our moneymakers.
Long term - value investing.
Our first 109,000 shares averaged at ONLY 9 cents!
How's that.
We've bought and sold since.
current share value 13 cents.
join up for more. only 52.00 per year.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

HFC, INP, ZYL, and update on RAMS

Remember: Tip for Today is for Educational purposes only.
HFC, INP, ZYL, and update on RAMS-RHG
Tip date 13.10.07 Our tip for today is HFC Hawk resources. We bought these when they floated in August 2007, for 20cents, they have been steadily rising to 45cents. 250% profit, looks good.
TipDate 1.10.07 INP Innaminka petroleum Ltd rose by a massive 286.33% yesterday on the back of two announcements.They were about .32 cents and jumped to 1.49! Check them out on the Just type in the company code INP and add them to your watchlist. They have been $2.00 Tip at 24.0907
Do your own research on these and don't take the graphs for granted. Go to the page, click on charting and graph it for it's full company life.Then decide.
Here's our view on ZYL tip date 24.9.07 ZYL - We researched ZYL - Zylotech and bought 15000 on 3.9.07 AT ONLY 0.041 and now happy to tell all that they have jumped 10%! If this impresses, send your friends to our webpage and help us grow! The rise today is due to having won a contract with National gallery Australia to supply security cameras.
Mega says: shut your eyes, sit in the sun and ponder what might be the growth stuff in the future.. well, you only had to look at the APEC meeting and the security issues and one would realise that defence, security, uranium, metals, and grains.. We add grains because if we are at the top of the bull market bell curve we should look at basics like food and now with the drought that is too true. If you invest some of your 5K in ZYL. -$500 should reward you well.

13.11.07 Do we have RAMS on our face or not? Rams dropped on the back of the constricting offer from Westpac. We sold at .68 and took a loss, then bought back in at 35c. We're willing to wait and see. 1500 shares only cost 532.00 plus 30.95 fees. it's less than 5% of our investment. We will stay in the game.