Friday, September 18, 2009

The market is rising -- money again to pay for more things!!

I've been busy studying the market.. there are so many bargains there! Now is the time to do your research and buy a small number.
I only invest $500.00 in each company.. and that's why I try to buy well at even half a cent..
MHL is cheap and under .05 cents , PDY is on a trading halt and been rising -
QUR has risen 25% today and
ABY - my best one (it pays a dividend) which I bought at 11 cents in March, is now 1.17 and rising steadily. It has a market cap of about 265 million and I expect it to rise back to over $2.00
There are heaps of others.
Go to each day after 4.30 pm. go to prices /market stats/ volume risers. and find the ones in your price range. (best under ten cents) Then go to google finance, type in the code example ASX:ABY and it will come up with todays price, market cap and underneath will show other companies in the same price range and sector. It will show how they are performing. then do more homework. Then count your cents and buy for your future.

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