Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The lagoon, a place to think

When the market has a fall for 11 days in a row, and your portfolio shows red, red, red..
relax at the Lagoon and the beach and remember it will sort itself out. The shares will rise again, and you won't lose any money if you don't sell. You have to be patient and wait. AND INDEED, the market has started to recover today. There is GREEN all over the place.
The top companies are showing recovery. It will just take a while to get back to the levels we had prior to the Correction"....so hang on..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the MARKET fall is an opportunity - here's a free tip

On the worst day in the downturn, NWT Newstat Ltd was 2nd on the highest vol traded last friday 18.01.08 on asx market stats, with a rise of 25%.
NOW at .006 (less than one cent) it is about the cheapest stock one could find with potential. According to their announcement and presentation in Nov as below. go to http://www.asx.com.au/ -
type in NWT in company research, scroll down to the list of announcements. There you will find this presentation. Part only included here.

"• The Australian Government Subsidy Scheme (“ABG”) $160M already guaranteed • NewSat has acquired a Surfbeam Hub to run a wholesale business model through established ISP, Dodo Dodo to market and sell the service • NewSat to provide the satellite infrastructure • Target of 32,000 clients (CPE and install paid by Australian Government) • 8,000 in 2007/08, 24,000 in 2008/09 • Both political parties say the funds will continue into 2009 if the need is evident PLUS • NewSat negotiates use of a slot from an existing holder • Makes application in December to Federal Government for funding from the $400m pool earmarked for Telecommunications • Offers to match the Government dollar for dollar with a credible partner. Several have already identified and expressed significant interest in joining NewSat’s bid • NewSat funds its share with either existing financial partner Cornell Capital or a Multi-national Investment BankT"

I think its a small risk for a high potential return, so I'M BUYING 100,000 at .006 for a small investment of $600.00 plus fees.
kind regards,

Remember, trading on the stock market is risky and you may lose money. trade at your own risk. I am not a financial advisor and this information is for eduactional purposes and to teach you how to reseach and trade.Do your own research and make your own decisions. go to http://www.megamoneybox.com/ and learn more.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

SO is there a recession or not?

I think there are some black clouds of recession looming but I also think the US will probably manage to avoid 2 negative quarters especially in a presidential year. Nevertheless, most traders are facing another week of a "sea of red". Newspaper articles keep talking about the sub prime effect and others say Japan is facing a recession because it exports nearly 50% of it's products to the USA.
Mega see's a downturn as a time of opportunity. Watch stocks with high volumes and those rising in the downturn. If you are willing to take modest gains -sell half at 25% profit - then you can still make money. There is a lot of fear and downtalk, but remember
talking down the share market or the economy, does benefit some people.
Like the Banks for instance. They can then put up interest rates.
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I found this article and it seems pertinent. it's about whether there is a recession and investing.http://switzer.businesscatalyst.com/web_pages/articles_and_tools/financial_planning_and_superannuation/times_like_these.html

Friday, January 11, 2008

The new year 2008

Happy new and prosperous year 2008!
Mega here, sorry I haven't written on this blog for a while. I've been too busy. I took on a horror of a consulting project, and wasted half a life, working for someone else when I could have been buying and selling on the stock market, writing at my own leisure, in my own home office.
No travel, No traffic, No boss breathing down my neck. It's the best business I've found.

Now I'm back doing what I enjoy! That is the way to go in 2008. Do what you enjoy, then turn that hobby into a business. Accept a challenge and ALWAYS do your best. Aim small and grow!

The year ahead on the stock market.

My prediction is that the first half of 2008 will be in recession with a depression looming like a black cloud. Already most of your stocks will be a sea of red. the last 5 days 7-11th January 2008, the stock market in Australia has fallen between 12-15%, BUT never mind. Take small profits where you can, sell half where possible, hang on to good investments, and BUY new ones.YES! BUY! This is a time of opportunity.When the sky falls , all stocks fall. good and bad. You just have to go through the pile carefully.I'll show you how.

go to my rule book on my http://www.megamoneybox.com/ investment/Megamoneybox rule book. Mega's rule 1. Don't lose money, so hang on. If you hadn't invested money you didn't have, you can afford to wait for the market to improve.
In the meantime buy some spec stocks on the rise and sell as soon as they rise by 25%. Yes, take profits at 25%. This will happen even in a downturn.
You can still make modest profits and can build up your portfolio.

We would all like 1000 % profit, but greed and fear are our enemies. So plan for a modest return. If you buy 20,000 at 0.02 cents , you can sell half (or a quarter ) at 25% profit, then sell half again at 50% profit, keeping the balance of 5,000 as free - pure profit.

Invest $500.00-$1,000.oo and buy and sell stocks UNDER TEN CENTS.Stocks like GDA, PRE, GPN, RCH, MHL, EXM.go to the http://www.asx.com.au/ web page, type in these codes and look at company research. create a watch list and see how they perform. Expect some ups and downs..because volatility is rampant. Big super funds and raiders are pushing up the price, exiting and the price lowers. so be warned.Since the 1.1.08 to 11.1.08 Megamoneybox has taken profits of $2015.50 i.e. $200.00 dollars a day!

We think that is good, especially since we only started in August with $5,000.00 and a few stocks. We've changed our portfolio, have turned our investment over 1.5 times, and at 4.1.08 we had 500,000 shares. We've now sold another 80,000. (We did cause ourselves some losses and also had too many fees due to small parcels - but we've recouped the losses and are in NET Profit).

I should add that we made 23% gross profit between Aug 15th and Dec 29th 2007. ) I want to BOAST (I know I shouldn't)- BUT I have to tell you that the average price of each share for the period was ONLY .056 cents. LESS than 6 cents! Even though we still have some ADY and SDL which we bought at .475 and .82 respectively. SO IT CAN BE DONE.

Both of those are in loss at the moment so we are keeping them. That's why I like 10cent shares best. There is more volume for less outlay.

If you want to learn how to pick ten cent stocks you will have to sign up and pay $52.00 a year for our email newsletter and tips. email me at sampsms@ozemail.com.au
Cheers! here's to a prosperous year.

Remember, I am not a financial advisor and you must take responsibility for your own wealth and health. Investing in stocks can be injurious to your health if you are a worrier , a gambler, or of a nervous disposition. The stock market can fall and you can lose all your money. Do not gamble or use borrowed money. Do your own research. Only you know what is best for you.