Saturday, March 14, 2009


todays free tip
MACQUARIE COUNTRYWIDE TRUST (MCW) is up. it was 13.5 cents on 9.3.09 and on the 15.3.09 had risen to 17.5 cents
Makes sense really.
Interest rates are down, the market seems to have bottomed, (I predicted the bottom as 19.2.09) so property is sure to rise.

if you think of the sharemarket cycle, as a circle. Then we are at the top of the circle, about to move back down the right side to a new bull market. Probably driven by property.
if you can't afford real property, then buy some property shares.
This is cheap.
The recovery could happen quickly, or may take a few months.

I think by next Xmas, we'll see a good sharemarket rise.

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