Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SMA , MNW and GCN all risers today

asx:SMA smarttrans is now up to .036.  It's risen from 0.012 in July!
asx:MNW Mint Wireless is up over 30%., double what is was about 6 weeks ago. approx 36c

but the best one is GCN go connect limited. It has risen to 0.011

up by about 37%. I first bought GCN GoConnect in Aug 2007, when I first started trading.
They dived like just about eveything else due to the Global financial crisis.
But one of their recent announcements talks about Jermajesty building luxury resorts n China. I wondered what has this got todo with them? Further down in the announcement they mention that they have a 20% share.
Now Jermajesty is owned by the Jackson family- and Michael jackson died with a heap of unreleased records.
Now that is why I bought another small parcel today!
You need to go to www.asx.com.au, type in GCN code and read the announcements yourself.
Maybe I made a mistake!

here's a nice pic of MNW Mint wireless. I lke to see this! Wish  I had the money to buy more!

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