Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GCN has jumped over 90% today

GCN  Go Connect ltd, jumped by over 81% today 17.10.13  and repaid me my losses left from 2007 ! closed at 0.02

At the time of the global financial crisis, traders were saying to sell off all your losses and start again, but I didn't. I thought it wasn't going to cost anything to leave them sit there, and ever the optimist, I was right. Some will recover, and some won't.
Sometimes I forecasted  and sold too early in a panic and lost out. Like in SIR Sirrius. I  bgt some for a few cents and just after I sold it jumped to over 2.20 ! 

I bought an extra parcel yesterday of GCN (on my own advice) and it's looking very good.
At close today, there were roughly 102 buyers FOR GCN. Waiting for 60 mill shares and only 32 sellers willing to sell 12 million. When you look at the course of sales, most sales are 500.00-1000.00 range so they are all small sensible traders.
All of us little traders have had a very difficult 5 years, and at last there might be some growth.

Hopefully, those in the USA  will come to their senses before they damage the whole US economy, and send everyone broke.

It's all still risky.

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