Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a few Xmas presents

If I was going to give you a Xmas present, I'd give you some shares in FMG (Fortesque metals about 4.20 each)
because I KNOW that CEO Twiggy (Andrew Forrest) really wants to make it a success, and he has the team mentor approach will brings out the best in others. .
He is motivated. He NEEDS to win.. and he will.
So go to your banks sharebroking and invest $500-$1000.00 in FMG.

Since I don't have much money in the Kitty- I'd buy you some MHL (Monitor at .005 cents- yes at such a low price.. )
you can get 100,000 shares for your $500.00 (usually the minimum investment.)
Monitor is risky but they have no debt. They have 2 off shore rigs off WA in the Canning basin and their announcements say that they are gurgling well. They have already risen from .002 which is a 150% improvement..
PCP is another gold miner under ten cents, (My focus is on under ten cent shares) which seems to be going well, while the gold price is high... it's share price is about 10 cents and has risen by 100% over the past few months. ABY is recovering but I don't now what's happened about their un- renewed nearby tenements...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2010!
from Megan

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