Monday, October 19, 2009


GDA (Gondwana gold) is rising and is now about 6 cents. I bought it at .017 cents. Many of the small resource stocks are improving, but ABY is about 1.60. Even at 1.60 it is cheap and could rise to over 4.50. (it has in the past) . goto type in ABY (or GDA etc) and have a look. Go to charts and select 5 years and you will see their charted price history.
I purchased ABY in march 09 when they were only 11 cents because this company is well managed, and has paid a dividend before.
I, like most people, regret not buying more, but the market was so volatile and at its lowest, everyone had the jitters.
I've made some modest profits lately, albeit on a very small porfolio, but "little fish are sweet" as my father used to say.
I suggest you go to and consider joining the forum.
It costs $200.00 a year, but the members post tips and information. You get access to multiple views of what's happening and if you don't go into debt, and keep your cool, you could make some profits. Then you can buy things.

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