Friday, July 11, 2008

Time to take time off

It's time to take time off and do something else.
It's tax time, it's freezing cold and winter here in OZ.
The sharemarket is still struggling and trying to come up for air after a minimum 27% drop (and more) and the worst in 20 or some say 60 years. The US recession is virtually admitted and should now be on the way to recovery except for the price of oil. Since we elected a new labour government in September, housing mortgage interest has risen , there's a crisis in home sales and rental properties and a big drop in new housing applications. Mortgages are up, food prices are up and transport.
There is gloom and doom everywhere. I still think there are signs of recovery and that by the end of the year everything should be improved.

The main thing is to hang in there, don't sell and take unnecessary losses, just hibernate for a while! Make yourself a watch list on yahoo finance and get Yahoo to send alerts to your email when a stock goes up by 10% and ignore the downs. Don't ask for an alert when a stock goes down. You don't need the stress.

BUY - Bounty OIl is holding at a cheap price around 6 cents so is LKO lakelands Oil and Gas at less than 2 cents.
Whatever stock you look at is at a record low price and there are bargains everywhere.
Buy and hold and the day will come when you will be saying that you were so clever to buy so cheap. Just don't borrow, and be conservative.

Sell only when you see a profit of 25%.
and I'm sure you will.
Give it time, and the gloom and doom will go. Life goes on.

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