Thursday, July 17, 2008

there are opportunities everywhere

My last blog post said to take time off and hibernate. But there are opportunities everywhere.
I was browsing an old 2003 mag and noticed MBP Metabolic Pharm - I investigated and yesterday decided that because their spread (that is the difference between the highest price and the lowest price over past 52 weeks was 16c-3 cents) was good because it was currently at or near the lowest price for the year and the company had other pluses - like 17 mill cash in bank and no debt...I bought a small parcel at .04 cents. hoping to sell half at a 50% profit before 6 mths. Anyway, that was yesterday 17th and today they have a big announcement and are rising already...
They have bought a company from CSIRO which makes a biodegradeable polymer for medical use and it will be finalised in three months time.... how about that?
go to code MBP, read the announcement and make up your own mind!

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