Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TVN still rising on announcements

TVN still rising on announcements. rose again today 10% , then dropped back to rise of 6.67% (J curve jumped to 94% just before the "correction"

Have a look at the graph pic to 3pm.
I go to and have a free account. When you search for a stock you put items in watchlists and I tend to be guided by the technicals.

by that I mean, when you look up ASX:TVN for example, just below the 1st graph you can add technicals, and create more mini graphs.

I add Bollinger, and am guided by the past and potential squeeze of the 3 points, which often indicates a sudden rise is imminent.You can search internet for more on these technicals.

I also add KDJ which is similar. I watch the J curve to make sure it is not above the others or above 70%.

I also add MACD another indicator of volume etc.
when you scroll down you can also see other companies in similar field, and you cna see if they rose or fell that day, plus other vital information.

Try it yourself and read the announcements for that stock, which are linked on the top right hand side.

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