Thursday, January 22, 2009

tips and newsletter

The gloom and doom goes on and on

but FMS Flinders diamonds

and ABY Aditya are both rising.. both earlier under ten cent stars.

I'm still an optimist and I see heaps of bargains lying on the sharemarket floor.

What I don't like is RBY Rockeby Biomed ltd, making a comsolidation just after a share offering and now my 60,000 are only 2000..... I should have sold.. the shareholders are basically funding the lifestyle of the Directors... NIo did the same last year...
a consolidation is one hting, finding your new shares trading at the same amount as before is worse... I'd rather have 60,000 at 2 cents so if they rise to 3 cents I've made a 50% profit..but right now downhill all the way with RBY.

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