Friday, November 21, 2008

Here is a salient article

I haven't written on this blog for some time.. I am reluctant to advise, comment or certainly NOT predict what might happen to the world wide crisis. You can read every man's report and suffer the "knuckle whitening ride " that has come about in the worst share market crisis in 60 years on other blogs. But what I will provide is a copy of George Soros article where he talks about the causes. see below. you can also go to his site at

What I'd like to say is to remind you that if you dont sell, you havent lost (yet). so remain calm and wait. it will improve. you only have to look at history and you will see that after each fall or recession the share market has rebounded to a higher level. I' ll show that in pic later..

BUT REMEMBER , there are HUGE opportunites right now.

Good companies have dropped to as much as 25% and more.

I was going to buy Fortesque metals and they were around AUD $6.80, but this week were as low as 1.50, then went up .40 cents on Friday. Still cheap at $1.90...

and there are heaps more.........

Of course, if you buy, DON'T BORROW!!! buy only what you can afford to lose.

give up your cigs, beer and Pizzas and invest in your future instead of pouring it into your body.

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