Tuesday, May 6, 2008

today's Free Hot tip

Today's FREE educational HOT Tip (we also published this on the NEW Chinese - Australian relationship and networking webpage called Bguanxi. GCN.ax Go Connect, have instituted this new free webpage/blogsite. go to http://www.bguanxi.com/ our page there is called www.bguanxi.com/megamoneybox.html
GCN.ax is worth investing in because they are innovative and forward thinking. Esablishing business links with China is important GCN are below 10 cents. We'll blog about GCN later.

Here's today's Hot tip
As you all know, the resource sector is still the place to invest.
At http://www.megamoneybox.com/ we believe any exploration and effort for renewable energy will be rewarded, because climate change and the cost of energy are the driving forces.
Our tip, which we identified on 27.11.07 was CXY.ax. At that time we paid .082 cents, and during the recent downturn in the market it fell along with other stocks. BUT now it is rising again, currently at about .085 and still under ten cents,
"Mega" sees THIS as a great opportunity. Buy and hold for at least 6 months.
One of our researched articles talks about the bigger players but includes CXY.ax Cougar energy at the bottom of the article.
When you subscribe to Megamoneybox monthly newsletter we will send you a portion of our research on the topic.
Always do your own research on any hot tips. look for CXY.ax Cougar energy - on the Australian stock exchange.
Simply go to http://www.asx.com.au/ type in the code cxy and Cougar Energy page will come up.