Thursday, September 27, 2007

tip of the Day

RMA - Reeltime -You have to persist..and persist and persist. .
we watched this on a Sunday on Auntie, and tried to buy. Then the director shot himself in the foot and bought 35000 at 0.15c shares and it seems he didn't put in asx appropriate notification form.
so trading halted. then we tried again. unsuccessful. trading was halted due to a EGM. We watched the notices then forgot. By the time we got back to RMA, it had risen to 0.28 c (up nearly 95%) so we then managed a buy of 22000 at 0.028 =- 500 odd dollars.
Now they have another announcement. They have 28th September, 2007 "ASX Release acquires community forum
ReelTime Media Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired the website in exchange for ReelTime shares and options as follows" go have a look.
Mega spends a lot of time searching for Aussie OneDollar-One cent stocks. This looks like a good one. especially when you go to the webpage and also read the announcements on getting loyalty benefits when you rent a film on line and are a shareholder. You can save about 100.00 !
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